Wednesday, 12 August 2015


We are learning to skip on the spot in the Matai hub, and to try several different moves. Can you skip with us at home? It is great for developing our coordination.

How to help...
   (beginners): Use a piece of long rope. Remind us how to hold the skipping rope, move it over our heads THEN jump. Our feet should be glued together when we jump.
All levels
 - Have a skipping competition with us - who can skip for the longest?
 - Put on some cool music in the background (we added 'Battlefield' by Jordin Sparks to this)
 - Google 'Jump Rope for Heart Skipping Videos' to get inspired with some different moves.


  1. Hi Matai Hub,
    Good skipping everyone. Do you like skipping?
    From Lucy and Jessie

  2. Hi Lucy and Jessie,
    I have really enjoyed watching everyone get so much better at skipping. I love skipping especially having a go at the tricky ones. Have you tried any of the tricky skips yet? I'll have to keep my eye out. Great to see you both commenting successfully on the blog.
    From Mrs Stuart

  3. hi Mille M how are you? awesome movie! i like it how you skipped so well.why was there no sound?

    Orion J

  4. Hi Moana, I like your skipping. Do think it is good too? How many skips can you do? from millie T

  5. great skipping Matai Hub. Who can skip to 100. from Connor

  6. Hi Moana.You are good at your skipping by your self . Do you like skipping with a rope. From Brodee and Lucy

  7. hi criston you did good at your skipping. keep the work up criston. criston hall did you get so good?

  8. Hi Moana. You did good at skipping.Do you like skipping? From Lucy