Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Commenting On

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Hello Anne and Paul.I liked the way you taught us about did a good job.Why are you teaching?Why do we have to comment? From Isha


  1. Hi Isha,
    Thank you for posting this on the blog. We had a great time working with you and sharing some ideas for commenting on your blog. We are teaching you ideas for helping people to look at your blog posts and add comments. Comments are great for a blog because you can see what people are thinking and asking. I think you will really enjoy teaching your families how to comment.
    Are you going to teach your family how to comment on your posts tonight?
    From Anne K

  2. Kia ora Isha. You have asked some great questions and thank you for your comments. We love to visit schools and speak with and listen to students. It is a great idea to comment on another students work so they know what they have done well and maybe something they could do next time to make their work even better. You can get comments from lots of people including your family, friends, in fact, anyone in the world. We hope you have fun commenting on your classmates work- Have fun! But, remember to Greet, Praise, Comment, Question, Sign off :))
    From Paul and Anne

  3. Hello Isha, well done for asking questions. It is great way to increase your knowledge.Thanks for telling me about blogger. You are learning a lot about latest technology.
    love mum

    1. Hi Isha and Mum,
      Well done Mum on learning about technology too! Do you like being able to see Isha's work on here? I am very proud of how Isha has shared her learning with you.
      From Jane

  4. Kia ora Isha and Mum,
    How exciting to see you adding a comment to the blog. I really enjoyed working alongside you yesterday Isha, and I am so excited to see you have taught Mum about commenting. I look forward to following your blog and seeing more posts up here.
    I wonder if you get to share any more blog posts this week?
    What is your favourite thing to share to the blog?
    Anne K

    1. Hi yes I have. My favourite thing is to comment.