Monday, 10 October 2016

We went on a seed walk

We went on a walk around the school, trying to notice different things in our environment. 

I found...

I found seeds! Emma J
I found flowers. Wiena
I found leaves. Kushaan
I found tree - ordinary trees. Sam V
I found a leaf that smelled like herbs. Ben
I found out that there were no seeds on some of the bushes. Kasey

I wondered...

How the seeds grow and how trees and bushes and flowers come out of tiny seeds. Levi
I wonder how many more seeds there are in the world. Cohen
I wonder how the flowers get different colours. Kjell
I wonder how things grow. Avril
I wonder how they grow from the dirt. Flynn
I wonder why the soil and the water go together to make the plant grow into an adult. Izzy.

I know...
I know the flowers will grow into different colours. Hayden
I know when water goes onto the grass it makes it muddy and gets water down to the seeds.
I know that trees will grow very tall. Sam.

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